Diskos Media Delivery Form - and guide

Attached is a DMDF form (Diskos Metadata Delivery Form) Version 5.6.

The form includes the  tabs(pages): Front Page, Survey, Dataset, Documents, Entitlements, Headers, Comments, Meta Data.

It’s recommended to fill in as much information as possible and send this form with the shipment or mail it when you send data to Diskos.

In this way we can reduce the time spent mailing back and forth for information.


Attached is a:

Blank DMDF form – Blank for you can use for your next shipment.

Example form – An example on how the form can be filled in.

Guide/Information how to fill in.


We have now included filed “Wellbore name/Prospect” on Survey, Dataset and Document level (for Site Surveys), license information on Survey and Dataset level and “Input Surveys” on survey level for artificial surveys (merges)

Additional Meta data and structural changes can, and probably will change in the future.

If any questions or suggestions please contact CGG seismic operations. 

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