What is the current system status?


The Well and Production Data modules are both operational but due to technical difficulties within CGG and the sheer complexity and size of seismic data volumes in Norway there is a delay to the availability of the Seismic Module.  All well data orders are being handled in a timely fashion, with no delays.  On a daily basis all new digitally reported well data are registered and the workflow for loading and entitlement setting is now established

The Seismic Module has been available to the reference group for a little while but with limited browsing and download functionality.  The reference group have been testing limited download capabilities since last week and later today (24th February) we will start to enable the designated critical users. This group of just over 130 will gain access to a limited set of functionality over a period of three working days.  This phasing is necessary to control both the flow of download requests and support demand. Each user who is granted access will be notified of the system limitations and provided instructions about how to use the system to best enable CGG to meet the membership needs.

In the first instance download requests are limited to complete surveys or the whole part of a survey to which a member is entitled.  In the short term the download functionality requires manually intervention from our operational team.  It greatly assists them if requests are limited to one dataset per order.  Details of the ordering process and other operational considerations have been provided to each user who has access and to each Management Committee member.

We are currently projecting that the automated download functionality and other critical enhancements will commence next week (w/c 02/03).  However, these will require a period of testing and we will not phase in the rest of the users before this testing is successfully completed.  

We thank-you very much for your continued patience and we assure you that CGG are committed to not only delivering but enhancing the quality and value of this solution going forward.